Input Port 0 still contains some unread records

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Input Port 0 still contains some unread records

Postby KMac21 » Fri Sep 08, 2017 5:34 pm

I am receiving an error I have not seen before: DBINPUT_TABLE finished with status ERROR. Component has finished and input port 0 still contains some unread records.

Contents of my graph:
I have two DBINPUT_TABLE components that each get a max date of the same table in different databases. I then use Combine for those dates into a combined metadata then ExtFilter to see if my source database has newer records than the other database. If it does, I then have another DBINPUT_TABLE coming off the input 0 of the ExtFilter component that queries the first database for the new records. I then write these records to a tsv file using the UniversalDataWriter component.

The third DBINPUT_TABLE component is the one that has the error. This is the component that fetches the new data.

Let me know if I need to provide any other details, but I'm not sure what type of fix is needed.

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Re: Input Port 0 still contains some unread records

Postby bartonv » Mon Sep 11, 2017 3:04 pm

Hello KMac21,
I have tried replicating your scenario from my end but I was unable to recreate the error message (all my graph run attempts finished successfully). Having said that, I trust this approach of yours seems to represent a legitimate way of achieving your goal. We just need to inspect your graph in more detail to pinpoint the culprit that’s causing the error. The easiest way for us to research the issue would be to inspect the graph file itself from our end (for any potential confidentiality issues, feel free to remove all the sensitive information such as the DB connection credentials etc.) If providing us with the .grf file is not a viable option for you, please provide at least the following details:

  1. The SQL query from the first DBInputTable component
  2. The SQL query from the second DBInputTable component
  3. The filter expression
  4. The Query URL from the third (failing) DBInputTable component
  5. If there is any other previously not listed component, please provide its name and relevant content.
  6. Does it make any difference for the graph run if you assign the third (failing) DBInputTable component with a latter phase number (so that it starts running after all the previous components finish their respective tasks)?
Best regards,
Vladimir Barton
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