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PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2007 9:00 am 

Joined: Fri Jul 13, 2007 11:15 pm
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Greetings, I created a sample graph..

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Graph created="Mon Feb 26 21:35:23 SGT 2007" guiVersion="1.6" licenseType="Unlicensed clover.GUI" modified="Tue Mar 06 11:18:28 SGT 2007" name="1_CAI_MAP" revision="1.32">
<Metadata id="Metadata1">
<Record name="NPC_TB_REF_CAI" recordSize="-1" type="delimited">
<Field delimiter=";" name="CAI_CODE" nullable="true" shift="0" type="string"/>
<Field delimiter=";" name="CAI_WEIGHT" nullable="true" shift="0" type="numeric"/>
<Field delimiter=";" name="CAI_DIAMETER" nullable="true" shift="0" type="numeric"/>
<Field delimiter=";" name="CAI_TICKNESS" nullable="true" shift="0" type="numeric"/>
<Field delimiter="\n" name="CAI_NAILS_NB" nullable="true" shift="0" type="numeric"/>
<Metadata id="Metadata0">
<Record name="PUB2_PNEU_TXT" recordSize="-1" type="delimited">
<Field delimiter="," name="Field0" nullable="true" shift="0" type="string"/>
<Field delimiter="," name="Field1" nullable="true" shift="0" type="string"/>
<Field delimiter="," name="Field2" nullable="true" shift="0" type="string"/>
<Field delimiter="," name="Field3" nullable="true" shift="0" type="string"/>
<Field delimiter="," name="Field4" nullable="true" shift="0" type="string"/>
<Field delimiter="," name="Field5" nullable="true" shift="0" type="string"/>
<Field delimiter="," name="Field6" nullable="true" shift="0" type="string"/>
<Field delimiter="," name="Field7" nullable="true" shift="0" type="string"/>
<Field delimiter="," name="Field8" nullable="true" shift="0" type="string"/>
<Field delimiter="," name="Field9" nullable="true" shift="0" type="string"/>
<Field delimiter="," name="Field10" nullable="true" shift="0" type="string"/>
<Field delimiter="," name="Field11" nullable="true" shift="0" type="string"/>
<Field delimiter="," name="Field12" nullable="true" shift="0" type="string"/>
<Field delimiter="," name="Field13" nullable="true" shift="0" type="string"/>
<Field delimiter="," name="Field14" nullable="true" shift="0" type="string"/>
<Field delimiter="," name="Field15" nullable="true" shift="0" type="string"/>
<Field delimiter="," name="Field16" nullable="true" shift="0" type="string"/>
<Field delimiter="," name="Field17" nullable="true" shift="0" type="string"/>
<Field delimiter="," name="Field18" nullable="true" shift="0" type="string"/>
<Field delimiter="," name="Field19" nullable="true" shift="0" type="string"/>
<Field delimiter="," name="Field20" nullable="true" shift="0" type="string"/>
<Field delimiter="," name="Field21" nullable="true" shift="0" type="string"/>
<Field delimiter="," name="Field22" nullable="true" shift="0" type="string"/>
<Field delimiter="," name="Field23" nullable="true" shift="0" type="string"/>
<Field delimiter="," name="Field24" nullable="true" shift="0" type="string"/>
<Field delimiter="," name="Field25" nullable="true" shift="0" type="string"/>
<Field delimiter="\n" name="Field26" nullable="true" shift="0" type="string"/>
<Connection dbConfig="connection/NPC_R2_Connection.cfg" id="DBConnection0" type="JDBC"/>
<Phase number="0">
<Node dataPolicy="strict" enabled="enabled" fileURL="D:/NPC/PCO_NPC_Data_Migration/Workspaces/PUB2toNPC/PUB2toNPC/Inputs/pneu.txt" guiHeight="0" guiName="Delimited Data Reader PNEU" guiWidth="0" guiX="45" guiY="62" id="DELIMITED_DATA_READER0" type="DELIMITED_DATA_READER"/>
<Node enabled="enabled" guiHeight="0" guiName="Reformat PNEU" guiWidth="0" guiX="228" guiY="62" id="REFORMAT0" transformClass="Transform_PNEU" type="REFORMAT">
<attr name="transform">${out.0.CAI_CODE} = ${in.0.Field0};
${out.0.CAI_WEIGHT} = ${in.0.Field5};
${out.0.CAI_DIAMETER} = ${in.0.Field18};
${out.0.CAI_TICKNESS} = ${in.0.Field19};
${out.0.CAI_NAILS_NB} = ${in.0.Field6};
<Edge fromNode="DELIMITED_DATA_READER0:0" guiBendpoints="" id="Edge0" inPort="0 (Reformat PNEU)" metadata="Metadata0" outPort="0 (Delimited Data Reader PNEU)" toNode="REFORMAT0:0"/>
<Edge fromNode="REFORMAT0:0" guiBendpoints="" id="Edge3" inPort="0 (DB Output TB_REF_CAI)" metadata="Metadata1" outPort="0 (Reformat PNEU)" toNode="DB_OUTPUT_TABLE0:0"/>
<Phase number="2">
<Node batchSize="0" cloverFields="CAI_CODE;CAI_WEIGHT;CAI_DIAMETER;CAI_TICKNESS;CAI_NAILS_NB" commit="0" dbConnection="DBConnection0" dbTable="NPC_R2.TB_REF_CAI" enabled="enabled" guiHeight="0" guiName="DB Output TB_REF_CAI" guiWidth="0" guiX="655" guiY="62" id="DB_OUTPUT_TABLE0" maxErrors="200000" type="DB_OUTPUT_TABLE"/>


How ever, when I try to run the graph in EclipseGui, i encountered this error.

*** CloverETL framework/transformation graph runner ver 2.1, (c) 2002-06 D.Pavlis, released under GNU Lesser General Public License ***
Running with framework version: 2.1 build#384 compiled 14/02/2007 17:59:26

DEBUG [main] - Plugin loaded.
id -
version - 2.1.0
provider-name -
point-id - component - {, type=ORACLE_DATA_READER}
point-id - component - {, type=ORACLE_DATA_WRITER}

DEBUG [main] - Plugin org.jetel.component loaded.
id - org.jetel.component
version - 2.1.0
provider-name - null
point-id - component - {type=DATA_READER, className=org.jetel.component.DataReader}
point-id - component - {type=DATA_WRITER, className=org.jetel.component.DataWriter}
point-id - component - {type=DELIMITED_DATA_READER, className=org.jetel.component.DelimitedDataReader}
point-id - component - {type=DELIMITED_DATA_WRITER, className=org.jetel.component.DelimitedDataWriter}
point-id - component - {type=SIMPLE_COPY, className=org.jetel.component.SimpleCopy}
point-id - component - {type=CONCATENATE, className=org.jetel.component.Concatenate}
point-id - component - {type=SIMPLE_GATHER, className=org.jetel.component.SimpleGather}
point-id - component - {type=REFORMAT, className=org.jetel.component.Reformat}
point-id - component - {type=DB_INPUT_TABLE, className=org.jetel.component.DBInputTable}
point-id - component - {type=SORT, className=org.jetel.component.Sort}
point-id - component - {type=DB_OUTPUT_TABLE, className=org.jetel.component.DBOutputTable}
point-id - component - {type=FIXLEN_DATA_WRITER, className=org.jetel.component.FixLenDataWriter}
point-id - component - {type=DEDUP, className=org.jetel.component.Dedup}
point-id - component - {type=FIXLEN_DATA_READER, className=org.jetel.component.FixLenDataReader}
point-id - component - {type=MERGE, className=org.jetel.component.Merge}
point-id - component - {type=MERGE_JOIN, className=org.jetel.component.MergeJoin}
point-id - component - {type=EXT_MERGE_JOIN, className=org.jetel.component.MergeJoin}
point-id - component - {type=SORTED_JOIN, className=org.jetel.component.MergeJoin}
point-id - component - {type=TRASH, className=org.jetel.component.Trash}
point-id - component - {type=DB_EXECUTE, className=org.jetel.component.DBExecute}
point-id - component - {type=HASH_JOIN, className=org.jetel.component.HashJoin}
point-id - component - {type=EXT_HASH_JOIN, className=org.jetel.component.HashJoin}
point-id - component - {type=CHECK_FOREIGN_KEY, className=org.jetel.component.CheckForeignKey}
point-id - component - {type=DBF_DATA_READER, className=org.jetel.component.DBFDataReader}
point-id - component - {type=EXT_FILTER, className=org.jetel.component.ExtFilter}
point-id - component - {type=EXT_SORT, className=org.jetel.component.ExtSort}
point-id - component - {type=PARTITION, className=org.jetel.component.Partition}
point-id - component - {type=DATA_INTERSECTION, className=org.jetel.component.DataIntersection}
point-id - component - {type=AGGREGATE, className=org.jetel.component.Aggregate}
point-id - component - {type=SYS_EXECUTE, className=org.jetel.component.SystemExecute}
point-id - component - {type=KEY_GEN, className=org.jetel.component.KeyGenerator}
point-id - component - {type=APROX_MERGE_JOIN, className=org.jetel.component.AproxMergeJoin}
point-id - component - {type=DBJOIN, className=org.jetel.component.DBJoin}
point-id - component - {type=XLS_READER, className=org.jetel.component.XLSReader}
point-id - component - {type=XLS_WRITER, className=org.jetel.component.XLSWriter}
point-id - component - {type=CLOVER_WRITER, className=org.jetel.component.CloverDataWriter}
point-id - component - {type=CLOVER_READER, className=org.jetel.component.CloverDataReader}
point-id - component - {className=org.jetel.component.MysqlDataReader, type=MYSQL_DATA_READER}
point-id - component - {className=org.jetel.component.MysqlDataWriter, type=MYSQL_DATA_WRITER}
point-id - component - {className=org.jetel.component.StructureWriter, type=STRUCTURE_WRITER}
point-id - component - {className=org.jetel.component.Normalizer, type=NORMALIZER}
point-id - component - {className=org.jetel.component.Denormalizer, type=DENORMALIZER}
point-id - component - {className=org.jetel.component.JmsReader, type=JMS_READER}
point-id - component - {className=org.jetel.component.JmsWriter, type=JMS_WRITER}
point-id - component - {className=org.jetel.component.LookupJoin, type=LOOKUP_JOIN}
point-id - component - {className=org.jetel.component.LookupTableReaderWriter, type=LOOKUP_TABLE_READER_WRITER}
point-id - component - {className=org.jetel.component.DataGenerator, type=DATA_GENERATOR}
point-id - component - {className=org.jetel.component.MultiLevelReader, type=MULTI_LEVEL_READER}
point-id - component - {className=org.jetel.component.SequenceChecker, type=SEQUENCE_CHECKER}

DEBUG [main] - Plugin org.jetel.connection loaded.
id - org.jetel.connection
version - 2.1.0
provider-name - null
point-id - connection - {className=org.jetel.connection.DBConnection, type=JDBC}
point-id - connection - {className=org.jetel.connection.JmsConnection, type=JMS}

DEBUG [main] - Plugin org.jetel.lookup loaded.
id - org.jetel.lookup
version - 2.1.0
provider-name - null
point-id - lookup - {className=org.jetel.lookup.SimpleLookupTable, type=simpleLookup}
point-id - lookup - {className=org.jetel.lookup.DBLookupTable, type=dbLookup}

DEBUG [main] - Plugin org.jetel.sequence loaded.
id - org.jetel.sequence
version - 2.1.0
provider-name - null
point-id - sequence - {className=org.jetel.sequence.SimpleSequence, type=SIMPLE_SEQUENCE}
point-id - sequence - {className=org.jetel.sequence.PrimitiveSequence, type=PRIMITIVE_SEQUENCE}

DEBUG [main] - Plugin org.jetel.thirdparty loaded.
id - org.jetel.thirdparty
version - 2.1.0
provider-name - null
point-id - component - {type=XML_EXTRACT, className=org.jetel.component.XMLExtract}
point-id - component - {type=FILTER, className=org.jetel.component.Filter}
point-id - component - {type=LDAP_READER, className=com.linagora.component.LdapReader}
point-id - component - {type=LDAP_WRITER, className=com.linagora.component.LdapWriter}

Graph definition file: 01_CAI_MAP.grf
ERROR [main] - Can't create object of type DELIMITED_DATA_READER with reason: not implemented in org.jetel.graph.Node
ERROR [main] - Error during graph initialization !
java.lang.RuntimeException: Can't create object of type DELIMITED_DATA_READER with reason: not implemented in org.jetel.graph.Node
at org.jetel.component.ComponentFactory.createComponent(
at org.jetel.graph.TransformationGraphXMLReaderWriter.instantiateNodes(
at org.jetel.graph.TransformationGraphXMLReaderWriter.instantiatePhases(
at org.jetel.main.runGraph.loadGraph(
at org.jetel.main.runGraph.main(


What do you think is the problem? hope you can help me guyz, thnkyou very much.. PEACE...

PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2007 9:23 am 

Joined: Fri Jul 13, 2007 11:15 pm
Posts: 553
Upss, better way


Thanks, Martin

PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2007 9:23 am 

Joined: Fri Jul 13, 2007 11:15 pm
Posts: 553
that sounds like really mysterious bug. We have never met it before. Can I ask you to try run your graph direct from command line, whether issue persist?

Please also check if you don't have in eclipse project classpath some old clover engine jars included.

For next communication, please, use direct my email -


PostPosted: Tue Apr 07, 2009 2:12 pm 

Joined: Tue Apr 07, 2009 2:09 pm
Posts: 4
I experienced this as well. The problem is proberly that you didn't override the fromXm method in your customized Component. Thus the exception you see is a UnsupportedOperationException from the super class

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